Physical Therapy & Kinesiology

State of the Art Teaching Facilities

This renovation creates dynamic facilities to support the comprehensive and cross discipline education of modern health sciences programs.  The project, located on the ground floor of a major dormitory complex, focuses on the specific needs of health sciences students who tend to spend more time in the education facilities and are best served by campus services closer to their classrooms and labs.




Students in this program tend to spend a higher than average amount of time around the academic buildings between classes studying and utilizing laboratory space to practice techniques. This presents an opportunity to help foster community by creating spaces for students to gather, study, snack and socialize together. Circulation corridors which are oversized have been provided seating, counters, charging spaces and vending machines. This promotes impromptu social interactions and gathering in small groups across disciplines helping to foster community within the entire College of Health Sciences.


Modern Teaching Spaces

The laboratories, classrooms and support spaces are designed to be flexible and provide the latest in state of the art systems and equipment for modern hands on teaching practices. Large lecture halls are replaced with smaller classrooms with presentation and recording equipment for modern media presentation support and recording lectures for web access and studying throughout the semester. Digital lectures are not only for distance learning anymore. Recorded class lectures are now a staple digital component for higher education courses and support students between classes to retain and reinforce information provided during in-class time. Laboratory spaces are designed to be re-configured as necessary allowing for flexibility between faculty and supporting a more effective evolution over time as teaching methods are needs change.