NIH Interdisciplinary Labs


NIH Interdisciplinary Labs


This NIH Labs project is UMass Amherst’s interdisciplinary bio-chemistry research facility located on three floors of the Lederle Graduate Research Center high rise building. The 15,000sf facility is designed to be flexible, allowing the facility to evolve with changes in interdisciplinary research demands.

The facility sues flexible furniture and adaptable services to support a variety of different uses and arrangements

The project fully renovated three floors of the high rise with a focus on sustainable laboratory design practices. Building systems were modernized adding an energy recovery system and high efficiency HVAC systems.

The laboratory spaces are visually connected to write up and support spaces. Glass partitions are used to contain high demand HVAC areas from low demand areas such as write up while maintaining visual connection.

The projects provides UMass Amherst world class, modern, energy efficient, research facilities maintaining their leadership role in the field.


Interior, NIH Interdisciplinary Labs at UMass Amherst, work stations, sink, storage, equipment, fume hoods


Interior, NIH Interdisciplinary Labs at UMass Amherst, elevator lobby view, person occupying the space