Lederle Maker Space

This particular makerspace is intended to focus on projects under one cubic foot in size, generally electronics and robotics projects.  The mission of the space is to provide an on site rapid prototyping facility for students across disciplines serving as an innovation hub. 



The facility features on site materials dispensary, fabrication center, specialized equipment, a lecture and experimentation flex space, on site project storage, and a lounge space.  




Facilitate current fabrication methods for rapid prototyping and design iteration. The principles of the agile design methods focus on quick sprints to get ideas into practice so they can be tested. Rapid prototyping allows designers to fabricate their ideas and test them while the idea is fresh. Lessons learned are rapidly applied to the next iteration. This modern maker space provides all the required components, equipment and facilities to allow creators to create, learn, and create again.





Impromptu interactions, particularly with those of other disciplines or viewpoints, are understood to be powerful drivers of innovation. It’s these unexpected conversations that can create a thought process solving a problem in ways not previously considered, accelerating innovation. Facilitating this is an on site lounge with view into the workshop space allowing students to hang out while their projects are in down time process. This lounge space allows students from differing disciplines who use the space to interact causal environment.