Lederle 6th Floor Laser Labs

Lederle 6th Floor Laser Labs


This comprehensive modernization of the 6th floor wing of the Lederle Graduate Research Center high rise building called for the gut renovation of the wing and creation of a new laser lab, vanilla box space for future lab renovation and new HVAC systems serving the floor.  Common area corridors were renovated out to and including the elevator lobby so user experience from elevator to laboratory space is fully modernized.  

Base building improvements including window replacement and exterior envelope energy improvement were included as part of the University’s continuing commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and operating cost reductions.

The new laboratory design includes energy efficient building system upgrades, lighting, and other efficiencies.


The project includes several major infrastructure improvements as part of the project to create this one lab. The design takes the approach of creating modular investments in the future of the building by creating capacity for future projects in addition to this project. This limits scope creep by remaining compartmentalized, while providing capacity for future enhancements ensuring that money spent on this renovation will provide enduring future value to the University. This approach builds value by focusing on the long term goals of the University not just the short term goals of this project.

Similarly the scope to remove and replace windows as part of on-going energy efficiency efforts was coordinated with the cost saving intent to retain existing laser tables. While windows are removed for the project the existing laser tables will be craned in to the new space saving the University considerable expense over purchasing new tables.