Genetics Research Lab

Genetics Research Lab


This renovation in Olsen Hall converts an under utilized laboratory space to a modern genetics research laboratory space. 

The space focuses on a clean efficient layout bringing daylight into the space.  Laboratory space is access controlled for research staff only.  A separate student write up area for instruction is segregated from the main research and experimentation space.  This segregation limits access and the potential for contamination in the main research laboratory space.

Plan, bird's eye, interior view of Genetics Research Lab at UMass Lowell

Nine experimentation workstations are provided with kneeholes, services and tool/supply storage. An equipment and support bench is provided near the entry for regular replenishment.

A microscope station with blackout curtains is isolated in the corner and flexible equipment space is provided.

Lab services provided include vacuum, gas, and RO water.

An observation window connects the main lab with the student/TA write up and observation space.

A modern recessed safety station and a PPE station are provided at the lab entry doors.

Flexible equipment space is available allowing for future expansion and flexibility.