Goldman Reindorf is Now Matz Collaborative

We have now officially changed our name to Matz Collaborative Architects.

This change better reflects our leadership changes over the last year and our teams view of the future.  

Read more about the transition in leadership here.

Most things haven't changed.  Same team, same practice focus, same great relationship with our clients.  Our great people remain at the heart of our practice.  The work Collaborative reflects the fundamental nature of design in an increasingly specialized profession where full team integration and a collaborative design process is critical to a successful project.  

While the pandemic has forced us to work a little differently right now, we are still a tight group of design professionals with a passion for creative problem solving and delivering professional design consulting services to our clients.  

Read more about our great team here.

You may notice our new tag line features "Design Innovation".  This highlights our continuing focus on improving not only what we do, but how we do it. Design Innovation is innovating the process and methods we use to deliver top tier professional architectural consulting services to our clients.  In fact we've created a focused working group in our office dubbed "NavLab" that focuses on methodology and technology innovation both in our office and beyond.  We hope to share more from the NavLab team in coming months.  

We look forward to meeting again real soon, preferably with out masks, and continuing to work together on exciting new projects!  

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